At E-Desarrollos, we consider human relationships and the ethical aspects of our performances to be very important. The development of workplace activities in a climate of equality provides an additional value where you can appreciate that ethical behaviour and the rejection of discrimination of any kind are the established performance principles.

The implementation of an equality plan shows this uneasiness, wishing to be competitive in current markets, earning the trust of our customers and interested parties and achieving the sustainable development desired. One of our targets is the efficient management of human resources by means of the integration of equal opportunities among employees (male and female), favouring something more important, such as reconciliation in the family life.

Transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for the interests of all the parties, the fulfilment of legality and human rights are established principles in our organisation.

We are convinced that we are going to increase the value of our business before the company and, to do so, we have established this management model, where equality, satisfaction of our employees, customers and interested parties are essential.